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Random Tuesday Thoughts: Holiday Edition

November 30, 2010



So I never did recap Halloween. The short version–it went over like gangbusters. He wore the costume with no trouble (we had not yet reached the terrible place we now live, which is absolute clothing refusal at all times). Including a head piece, though there had to be some adjustments. He looked in the mirror and immediately recognized CAP’N AMERKA!!! It was totally awesome. A few houses in he had the routine down, but as his excitement increased he started to conflate the steps, shouting “HAPPY HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREET THANK YOU!” before the candy-giver had fully stepped out of their door. He ate a few pieces of candy during the trick or treating and went to bed hours late so wound up I’m surprised he didn’t sleep hovering a foot over his bed, Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters style.

He didn’t say “Thank you!” so much as “Gint you!” which is his chosen pronunciation. Though we hope he never stops calling the phone “a hello” because it’s so goddamned precious it hurts me, we’ve been trying to pull of a “gint” to “thank” conversion, just so that others are able to tell when he’s thanking them, thus reinforcing the behavior. And so that my Mother-in-Sin recognizes I’m not raising a caveman.

That said, on the more recent holiday, I filed away an already cherished memory of Henry bursting through the door of his grandmother’s house and screeching “Happy Gintsgivink!”

Now that H is older, holidays are starting to be rather fun. The notion of costume wearing on Halloween seemed to be conceptually understandable to Hank, and that was cool. He still talks about how Uncle Charlie dressed like a dog. Charlie, our good friend, in fact dressed up as a wolf-man, but the older children were so freaked by his professional quality application of fake face fur (a little 3 year old trick or treater in fact fell down backwards off the steps in alarm), that we emphasized to the little ones that Charlie was just a doggie. Of course, when the kids weren’t watching, I pressed Chuck to say “GIVE ME A KEG OF BEER” over and over. Though Michael J. wasn’t in wolf-form in that scene, it remains my favoritest of Teen Wolf scenes, and that list is fairly competitive.

I think, in fact, that my friend Alastair and I watched the “Give me a keg of beer” scene on youtube about 100 times when I was visiting him in Berlin, then harboring an unknown fugitive that would later be named Henry Stellar.

So! Christmas, eh? Can we not? I love giving gifts but I hate finding them. I’m not a graceful recipient of gifts because they make me extremely uncomfortable. I’m usually happy when it’s all over. I’m excited to give Henry his train set and train table, both bought waaaaay ahead of the holiday on super clearance. Of course we’re going to Milwaukee for Xmas so he’ll have to wait until we get home for the big reveal.

Wow, that’s some interesting stuff right there! Toys, for children, at Christmas! What an intriguing blog topic. Well, it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, not Quality Insights of Quality for Your Third Day o’ the Week.

Accidents out.

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  1. firstsmilesandtears permalink
    November 30, 2010 11:31 am

    I’m slowly getting into the holiday shuffle with our wee one. I’m happy with our fake 3-foot tree from Target, but my partner wants to start getting real, live trees. In a small house and with a feral-ish cat, I’m not so wild about it. Does that make me a scrooge?

    And gifts… we might just give her two things I picked up over the year, since the grandmothers will go ape-nuts on the gift giving and we’ll suffer the consequences. But that’s what’s it’s for?

  2. November 30, 2010 12:54 pm

    Random comment unrelated to post: thanks so much for the email about sources. I wanted to tell you something about the Dickens one, but now I forgot what I wanted to say. But really, thank you. You are, like your kid, stellar.

    As for H, he has already been to Berlin in zygote form? How luftballoons of him! Poor E hasn’t got past Chicago.

  3. November 30, 2010 3:32 pm

    Aww Gintsgifink is the best holiday :-)

    I can’t wait until Jackson can sort of grasp the holidays–it sounds so much more fun that way!

  4. December 2, 2010 10:34 pm

    LOVE the Teen Wolf reference, so good.

    You are so ahead of the game on Christmas gifts. Not only are Mr. Disgruntled and I a bit flummoxed about gift giving this first Christmas (are we giving her gifts for her, for us? Does it matter if she doesn’t understand the concept?), but her birthday is shortly after Christmas, egads!

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